Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Designer Profile: Leanne Elroy

One of the things we love about the lines we carry at abrahams&duffy is that they all have a story, and a good one at that.
The story is what ties it all together and for us that's what really makes somthing special.

One of our favorite designers and one of our favorite story's, is Elroy.

Designed for living, Elroy's pieces are modern, comfortable and stylish; truely versitile clothing for YOU, the modern woman.

Started in 2007, Leanne Elroy started out manufacturing her line in her hometown of Vancouver BC, but soon after, "On a whim, and with only one contact scribbled on a scrap piece of paper," she set off for Indonesia where she helped set up a self-run sewing cooperative where all her clothing is manufactured by a group of amazing artisans.

Leanne uses both custom produced organic fabrics (from mills in Indonesia) and 'upcycled' fabrics that would otherwise be sitting in the landfill, with amazing results.  Banish the thoughts of stiff and drab organic cotton or hemp.  Amazingly soft and touchable knits, bright silks, unique blends (pineapple silk anyone?), and modern prints, her fabrics are on the forefront of what 'green' can mean (and it's amazing!).

Aside from being the most social and environmentally responsable designer we know, Leanne is also a really nice person who we love working with, and has a passion for design that shows in her work.  Just listen to her own words:

"I truly believe it is more than possible to live in abundance without polluting, consuming natural resources excessively or abusing labour practices. As the sole owner and operator of this company, my commitment is to remain dedicated and respectful to our environment, to our supply and production teams, and to our customer. There can be hope in the fashion world after all."

See?  It's all in the story.


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