Thursday, August 11, 2011

being a girl

So, we were once little girls, and we all know how society at large can put strange ideas in our heads about what should be important, and how we should value ourselves.

Even the best of us can have a hard time navigating these waters, and as the mother of a little girl, thoughts about how she will fare in this world weigh heavy sometimes.
I want her to value herself, her whole self, not just her admittedly lovely physical self, but her whole self.

I spotted this post over at a cup of jo, one of my favorite blogs, and it brought a little joy to my heart.
The inspiration for the post is this article by Lisa Bloom, 'How to Talk to Little Girls', all about how to be a positive example of what is important, to ask about books and what they like to do and start conversations about their minds instead of commenting on how they look, no matter how much you want to because they are adorable. 
Take a read if there is an important little girl in your life, it totally inspired me!

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